A Peek Into the Past: Ancient Greco-Roman Cities

Hello! It has been a while since I updated my blog. Truth be told, this has been sitting in my draft section for quite some time now and I figured that I should finalize it. It would have been a waste if I didn’t.

Spend a Day in Pamukkale, Turkey

Spending a day in a place outside your country can be a little difficult especially when it’s loaded with tourist attractions and you want to visit them all. I mean, why not? It probably took some major planning and a lot of money spending to get yourself in that place and, chances are, it will take…

Viewing Cappadocia on a Hot Air Balloon

It was early at 5am when my alarm went off. It was cold and dark outside. If it wasn’t for the heater in my room, I would have shivered. I can’t really say that the heat was enough for me but it was better than nothing at all. I stood up, washed, and prepared myself for…

Wanderlust: Cappadocia, Turkey

When you have something you want to do and cross from your bucket list, you go after it. That’s what was in my head when I decided that I wanted to go to Cappadocia, Turkey in order to ride a hot air balloon and finally cross it off from my list.