Wander Around Georgia for 3 Days

Truth be told, I regret staying in Georgia for 3 days. I should have stayed for at least a week and explored more but because of circumstances, I took the chance to fly even though I knew for a fact that I’ll be unsatisfied.

Three days was not enough for me!

If I did stay for a week, I could have done more things such as paragliding, strawberry picking, visiting the TV antenna park, experiencing the Georgian bath, and more food tripping. It’s sad that I wasn’t able to do these things even though it was very easy for me to reach them from my hotel. It was truly regrettable which is why I told myself that I would go back one day to do these activities with my family.

Some say, “Three days?! It’s too short. It’s like, you only did a day tour outside the country! I doubt you were able to do anything!

Here’s what I usually answer, “But I was able to.

It’s true that going on a 3 day trip outside the country would make it seem like I’m only doing a day tour (because of the arrival and departure dates) but, luckily, my flight schedule made it possible for me to do more. Arriving early morning (like really early) and leaving late at night was a good schedule. So, yeah. I had the chance to make use of every single day to go around. Got out of the airport, left my belongings at the hotel’s reception, explored, and went back to the hotel to check in and retire for the night.

There was no time to rest during the day! I wanted to make the best of my time there after all.

Curious about the things you can do in Georgia for a short period of time? Continue reading below. c:

► Ride Tbilisi Metro. Go deep underground in Tbilisi’s Metro Stations and ride the metro system. This vividly decorated metro station, which was opened in 1966, was the fourth metro system in the former Soviet Union. It’s up to you whether to get spooked or be amazed by the old feel given by the train and the station. I, for one, got freaked out by the fact that I was heading deep underground, found the decorations creepy, and got scared that I felt like the train was too old and was too shaky to be used by people. But, later on, I found it fine and amusing. I think it’s just a matter of getting used to after seeing and experiencing it for the first time. So, if you want to get a feel of this experience and instead of paying 10 GEL for a taxi fare, get a metro card for 2 GEL which can be loaded with train fares (5 tetri per journey) and access the metro for free within 90 minutes after leaving it.

Take a bus ride around Old Tbilisi. Going around Old Tbilisi is a must when you are at the vicinity. Why? It’s because Old Tbilisi has several historic and significant monuments everywhere. And, I really mean EVERYWHERE. Although you can explore the place on your own, I definitely recommend taking a bus tour to see the place. Some monuments are easy to miss and, if you’re staying for a short period of time, you’ll be able to see a lot more than when you go and find them yourself.

Liberty Square

Chill in Rustaveli Avenue. If you’re into shopping, visiting museums, and watching movies or theater plays, Rustaveli Avenue is for you. There are different shops, museums, theater, and opera houses in this avenue after all. It also has various cafes and restaurants which you can try and visit. You can take your time drinking matcha tea or eating a red velvet cake while admiring Rustaveli’s beautiful surrounding. Rustaveli Avenue’s buildings, which is a mixture of modern and 20th century architecture, would seriously make you fall in love with the place. It’s definitely worth the visit.

You’ll see this view when you step out of the cable car on top of Narikala Hill.

► Go up the Narikala Hill through the cable car. Overlooking and marveling the beauty of Old Tbilisi (especially at night) on top of Narikala Hill is one thing and another is riding the cable car. I mean, you don’t get to ride those everyday, you know! Look around the 360-degree view of the city inside the glass windowed cable car and see yourself ascend from the ground. It’ll immediately lift your spirits up and excite you! (Cost: 1 GEL || Mode of payment: Metro Card)

Visit the Mother of Georgia. (Also known as Kartlis Deda or Mother of Kartlis) It’s a statue which symbolizes the Georgian character on top of the Narikala Hill. There’s a space beneath the statue’s feet where you can rest and contemplate while viewing Tbilisi together with Kartlis Deda.

Narikala Fortress overlooking Old Tbilisi.

► Make your way and say hi to the Narikala Fortress. In order to reach this ancient fortress, which was established during the 4th century, you’ll have to walk on several concrete steps which treads along the side of Narikala Hill. Inside the fortress, you’ll find it’s ruins and the recently restored St. Nicholas Church. When you reach the fortress, don’t just settle for the church and the walls. Climb up the steep slopes of the hill and discover more places of the fortress. Some people miss the higher/hidden places because you have to climb your way up the hill to find it. There were no handles or anything, just plain nature. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, go up!

► Admire the Sulphur Baths. In the old district, you can find small domes which are used for taking a bath. If you have the time, you can try taking a bath in it and get a massage. However, if you don’t have the time to do that, you can always take a photo op  with it for a nice memory.

► Walk around and enjoy your time at the botanical garden. Heading down from the Narikala Fortress, opposite the path towards the cable car, you’ll find the National Botanical Garden of Georgia which covers an area of 161 hectares. Here, you can look at different kinds of flowers, statues, trees, and the waterfall. Take a breather and be one with nature in this huge park.

Doing a peace sign on the Peace Bridge.

Cross on the Peace Bridge. This bow-shaped pedestrian bridge connects Old Tbilisi with the new district. Enter on the other side, where it’s modernized, and exit on the other end, where old buildings greet you. Although it’s beautiful to see the bridge during the day, make sure to see this bridge at night as well because it has different light displays.

► Go on a food trip and hunt for cute cafés. Need I say more? Food tripping is a must! The cost of the food is cheap and you’ll get a heap of serving! It will definitely satisfy both your wallet and tummy. Actually, I loved eating in Georgia! (Tip: Visit Amo Rame! I loved their food and the heart-shaped chocolate lava cake was the best cake I’ve ever eaten! This is coming from someone who isn’t very fond of sweets. I highly recommend it! Also, the café gives a cute, vintage, homely vibe and their playlist is very soothing. If you’re on a café hopping, don’t miss out on this one!)

Visit the monasteries at Mtskheta. Explore the premises of the historic monasteries and cathedrals at Mtskheta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy the beautiful scenery at each locations and marvel at the magnificent structures towering over you. You can find how my trip went on a previous post regarding my visit to the holy city Mtskheta here.

► Take lots and lots of pictures. It’s free! Take as many beautiful shots as you can! But, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the place. Pictures are one of the best souvenirs you can bring home after all!

► Walk around and get lost. Enter an alley, walk on unpaved paths, and  discover more things which can’t be seen on the main roads. What things do I mean? Well, things such as old, deteriorating buildings which are still being occupied by people, lots of street art on the back alley, everyday life of people away from the busy, crowded streets, and a different atmosphere compared to the fancy places where tourists usually flock. There are times when you’ll end up discovering places which will take your breath away and gives you a feeling that the place is exclusively for yourself. Since Georgia is located in the mountains, the streets you’ll be walking on is one heck of a workout. But, hey! It’s worth it!


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