♚Joyful Memories

Almost two years ago, I was asked to contribute a music composition for our district’s entry in a film making contest. Among the number of compositions I submitted, this short piece was selected.

This is the second version of the piece. The first version was only played by piano, it’s a pitch higher, and the tempo is faster. This version is lower, slower, and is accompanied by a guitar. I made this version because I thought that it would sound better in the film.

Joyful Memories” is the name I gave this short piece.

I was actually inspired by my childhood memories when I was working on this. Mainly thinking about my cousin who passed away around this time back in 2014, I decided to dedicate this piece to him.

I made this through an application called Garage Band (on iPad) and I allowed my imagination flow from one note to another; connecting each solfège to a piece of my memory as I follow the notes I arranged. Although it sounds rough, I think it’s acceptable. What can you expect from a newbie like me anyway?

Honestly speaking tho, I personally think that this isn’t suitable for a film. It’s a lot better to be used in a video game but the filming crew needed as much materials as they could get so I decided to give it to them. And, although I think about it this way, I’m still proud of myself for creating something like this.

Anyway, enjoy (or at least try to enjoy) this short piece of music I made two years ago and let me know what you think. I might edit this one day and use it on something else.

With that said, I’m leaving this in my toy box and I wish you a happy weekend!

©2014 Maya Dela Cruz

In memory of Kuya Jay.


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