The Escape Challenge

You are the ultimate Secret Agent! You work for an elite secret service organization. You were on a mission but got kidnapped. You have been thrown into a room and have 60 minutes to escape and save your life.

Can you save your lives and escape before time runs out?!!!!!

Difficulty rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Hello! This is Agent Maya reporting for duty! Duty to blog, that is. But, before I start, are you aware about a certain game called room escape?

This was on the door.

Room escape is a sub-genre of point-and-click adventure game which requires a player to escape from imprisonment by exploiting their surroundings (copy paste from google lol).

Now, growing up, I enjoyed playing games with passwords and clues; basically games which tests my brain to come up with something to solve a mystery or clear a certain stage. This is probably one of the reasons why I liked Dino Crisis 1 (a PS1 game) because it required a lot of passwords and clues to beat the game.

When I first had my iPhone, I downloaded a lot of room escape games. And, I finished all of them. Until this day, I still download them from time to time.

I don’t know, I just really enjoy looking around for clues. Even though I get frustrated at some point when I get stuck and even though I end up being stubborn for refusing to use hints (which ends up with me leaving the app running for awhile and do something else), I still love playing it. The feeling of figuring out what the clues are for and learning the purpose of the things you picked up along the way gives me a good feeling of accomplishment.

Just imagine that I FOUND A CLUE AND FIGURED IT OUT moment! I swear, it feels great. It’s a mixture of excitement and relief for getting yourself out of that certain part of the game before you get stuck again on the next.

My liking for this game probably started when my cousin made us play a treasure hunt. She gave us the first hint after leaving clues all over the place. Of course, I was the first to find the treasure (a huge bag of clover chips) and since then, I loved these kind of games.

Lately, real life room escape games became a thing. Since I was wondering if it exists in the tiny island where I live, I searched for it. And, guess what? We have it here in Bahrain! You can imagine how excited I was to try it when I found this out.

Outside the Challenge Chambers, I found a ghost. Haha, so white!

Last Thursday, 30th June 2016, I played the real life room escape “The Escape Challenge” with two awesome people (If you’re reading this right now, hi!). Thank goodness they were down to do it with me or else I would have played it on my own. Sad life? Nah.

The Escape Challenge is one of the few challenge rooms in Challenge Chambers which is located at Al Raya Mall (First Floor). I’m linking their website so that you can view the details yourself if you’re interested.

Honestly speaking, the moment I stepped inside the Challenge Chambers, I didn’t get the feeling that I’m going to be challenged. Mhm, not at all. There were doors to other challenges but I was seriously going meeeeeh inside my thoughts.

 I was wrong. I was so wrong for thinking that way.

First, we were asked to keep our belongings inside a locker. I wanted to take a picture while doing the challenge but of course, to keep the challenge unknown to those who are yet to try the room, taking photos inside are prohibited. It’s understandable, really. So, I will not go into detail (or maybe just a bit) and I’ll try my best not to spoil it for you.

Before heading in, we were briefed on our “situation” and what our objectives are.

Challenge rooms for Mystery Challenge and Trapped.

In this room, we were elite secret agents who were out on a mission. Unfortunately, we got caught by our enemies. The enemies left for a while and, in an hour, they’ll come back to kill us.

That’s what the Chamber Master said. Some elite secret agents we are, am I right?

They then proceeded to cuff our hands which I thought was cool. I got excited when one of the Chamber Masters secured the padlock on my cuff. I couldn’t wait to get inside the challenge room and beat it!

Your first objective is to find the keys to your handcuffs. You have to remove it. After that, proceed to look for clues to get out of the room.

And so, we stepped inside the said room.

It was small but enough for a group of people to fit. The things were scattered and clues were all over the place. It was dark and we were not allowed to turn the lights on. The setup was good. They got the setting and ambiance work well even though the props were few and the room was small.

We were able to locate so many clues but had no idea what to do with most of it. There were times when the Chamber Master would go inside the room and offer help. I was kind of against it but we were battling against time so I had no other choice but to concede. What’s funny was that one of my friends said that we’ll be able to finish it in 5 minutes. It turns out that the real meaning behind it was “We’ll finish it within the 5 minutes extension.”

Because, seriously, you really have to whack your head to figure out the clues. I guess my practice on the room escape app were not enough for me to finally grasp how this game works.

Nah, it’s just different when you’re doing it in real life. You can see everything in the app but when you’re doing it in reality, you forget what you have….just like the batteries for example. Blasted batteries.

The elite secret agents who got caught and barely made it out alive! (Photo credit: Agent Jem)

We were left with a minute when we figured out the second to the last clue. There I was, telling my teammates what the codes were and them running around to provide me an answer. It was so much fun! It was the part where I felt that everything’s coming all together. It was pressurizing knowing that we were running out of time!

We were in a hurry to get the final clue. They were running back and forth. I was scribbling the answer. I couldn’t help thinking, “Come on! Come on! Come on!

Thanks to the 5 minutes extension, we were able to make it out before our enemies came back to kill us.

That’s it! We beat the game!

It was really great playing it and now, I learned that if I was really trapped in real life and I needed to escape, I’ll die. Mainly because I have no idea what to do with my resources. But then again, I don’t think there will be puzzles and clues all over the place when it happens.

By the way, there were cameras in there. That’s why there are times when the Chamber Master will get in to offer help. They can see what you’re doing. They can see how far off you are from getting the clue. They know that you have no idea how to use your clues properly. They know…just like the time when I was crawling on the floor. They saw and I wonder if they laughed. Because if it was me, I definitely would! Imagining it is actually making me laugh a bit.

So, If you want to do something new and different, I suggest giving this a try! But before you do, ask yourself this: are you smart enough to do the challenge?


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