Blooming Fire Trees

photo from Ben Vallejo

If you’ve known me long enough, you’ll know that I have this weird love for trees. Okay, maybe not love. Let’s go for admiration.

On the way to the cemetery where my deceased grandmother is resting, a certain tree got my interest. The cemetery is located in the province where my mom grew up as a kid (I grew up there a bit too). You pretty much know how a province look like — simple houses, mountains, fields, less cars, more trees. And, if you’re like me, who looks out of the window during a car ride, you’ll be able to notice things which are easy to miss.

Among the number of tree tunnels we passed by, I couldn’t help but notice a certain red tree. Yup! You read it right. I saw a red tree or…maybe it was orange? (okay, maybe not entirely red since there are leaves and all but you get what I mean). I was in awe and it took me by surprise; I couldn’t help but say “wow” out loud.

photo from karena

I hurriedly took my phone in an attempt to take a photo but, unfortunately, my phone lagged and I missed the chance to capture its beauty. Hooray for laggy phone, right?

As we continued, I saw one tree after the other. No, they weren’t growing next or close to each other but how great would it be if they actually do? It would be absolutely beautiful. Actually, one big tree is enough to say that it is beautiful. What more if it’s lined all together in a field? I wonder if it’ll be similar to Japan’s famous cherry blossom trees.

The tree is called a Fire Tree (Delonix Regia) or  Flame Tree if you find it fancier. As you can tell, it blooms orange to red flowers which is most probably the reason why it has been called that way. These trees aren’t limited to the province alone. You can find them in the city too! I actually found one tree near the place where I stayed but I wasn’t able to notice it until the last day.

I was lucky enough to see the fire trees in bloom as they only do so during the months of April and May in the Philippines.

You see, when we visited, there were no signs of rain. The weather was perfect! The sun  was setting down and the wind was blowing gently around the area.

Imagine driving along a quiet road passing under the tree tunnels. Imagine looking out the window while the orange rays peep through the trees; making you squint from time to time as you marvel at the beautiful orange sky. Imagine the sound of rustling leaves. Imagine those leaves fall as the wind pass them by. Now, imagine a single fire tree lined together with the others in the tree tunnel. Imagine its red flower petals twirling along with the leaves as they gently dance before dropping on the ground. Lastly, imagine the birds singing.

photo from Palawan Times News

Were you able to imagine it? That’s the best I can do to describe what I saw during that time. I know it might sound lame to some but I hope you were able to feel how I felt seeing that wonderful moment.

That’s the beauty of nature for you. And, I must say that the moment I experienced during that car ride, seeing those wonderful trees, was something I will never forget because to me, it was magical.



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