How to Get Over a Broken Heart

I may not be one of those people who got his/her heart broken a million times but I am still part of those people who got their hearts broken. You’re most probably part of it too.

Getting over a broken heart can be difficult. That’s true. Some handle it pretty well. Others, well, they couldn’t and it leads to depression or, worse, death. People who get their hearts broken often change. Some for the better; others for worse. And, I must say, I am no different. Let’s say — I changed both for better and for worse. For richer and for poorer…Hah! I kid!

I mean, who says they didn’t change after experiencing that horrible feeling? There’s no one.

I am not an expert at this. I’m just going to talk about how I’m handling my broken heart because why not? Even though my heart squeezes by questions such as “what happened?” and “I saw him and….how are you?“, I want to believe that I’m strong enough to hold the broken pieces of my poor, poor heart. That I’m strong enough to get over it. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to help some people even for a bit. Or my future self when I decide to look back on my older posts. Cool.

It’s nothing fancy, really. Of course, people handle things differently. And, this is how I’m dealing with mine.

♥Get off social media

Or if you can’t do that, block him. Or, unfollow. Or, try your best to ignore him although it’s difficult. Stalking the person who got your heart broken or the person he’s currently happy with will hurt you even more and won’t let you move on from the spot where you’re hurting. Okay, maybe you’re not stalking but you won’t be able to avoid seeing updates about him if you’re constantly on social media and they appear on your feed.

You’ll get hurt seeing him happy with someone else. You’ll get hurt seeing how he’s doing without you. You’ll get hurt because you’ll realize that he’s already moving on while you’re chasing after the past and still holding on to your own feelings — which, by the way, has nowhere to go to. You’ll feel miserable. You’ll regret. You’ll end up negative and depressed.

Don’t you think it’s already enough trying to handle your broken heart? Why do you have to choose giving your heart and mind more burden than it already have?

Get off social media. Get him off of your system.

♥Keep yourself as busy as possible

But don’t over push. Extra activities outside work or your usual routine will help you keep him off your mind.

You miss him so bad? Run a mile. You’re hurting by remembering what happened? Hangout and chitchat with your friends. You’re torturing yourself by thinking about what you should have said and done? Get a raquette and hit that ball as hard as you can!

If you’re starting to feel down and negative, do something else to distract yourself.

Trust me. Doing these can help you get a better version of you. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll be able to push him out of your mind and, at the same time, you’re doing something to improve yourself.

In my case, whenever I feel depressed, I hit the gym. And, every single time when my sweat drops and my body cries, I always immediately think of what made me depressed and say, “Why am I feeling down because of that?

The feeling I had before hitting the gym turns into nothing as if I wasn’t hurting. And, I blame that feeling whenever I’m about to die at the gym.

It could be anything, really. Do something different. Join and attend events. Visit new places. Find a new hobby. Meet new friends.

He’ll be out of your mind and you’ll be able to discover yourself.

Great, isn’t it? Hooray for productivity!

♥Change your mindset

Look at the bigger picture and convince yourself that things are better this way. You have to learn to accept that it wasn’t meant to be.

Change the way you think and stop asking yourself the if questions. Even if you asked yourself, nothing will change. You won’t be able to do anything about it anymore. What’s the use of asking?

Instead of thinking about negative things, focus on what’s good and what’s best. Free yourself from all these burden.

Stop degrading yourself by thinking that you’re not worthy enough. Stop thinking that it’s his or your fault. Stop telling yourself that you could have done better. If you see something wrong with yourself, why not do something about it and improve?

Don’t think about changing for him. Do it for yourself.

♥If it gets too much, cry!

Release all your frustrations and sadness away! You are not a super human. Let the ugly feelings go along with your tears and have that light feeling overwhelm your whole being.

Cry your heart out. Make your eyes puffy. Get tired. Sleep and feel lighter afterwards. If necessary, do it all again until you’ve had enough.

♥Just do your thing

You’re fine. Just keep living your life. Surround yourself with people who will lift your spirits up. Have fun. Keep being positive! One day, you’ll wake up and realize how lame everything was and you won’t care anymore. There’s no need to force yourself to forget because it doesn’t work that way. Even if you try to force it, it’s impossible. You’re just in denial.

Give it some time. Time heals everything after all.

Or, you know what? Just take some duct tape or super glue and stick the broken pieces of your heart together. You never know, it might work, don’t you think so? c:


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