Malkiya Beach

Wanderlust - Malkiya Beach

I’ve been living on this island for more than 10 years and I realized that I haven’t fully explored the place. It’s not like there’s a lot to explore but I haven’t seen most of them anyway.

What do we have here in Bahrain? Honestly speaking, the only places I know are the malls, fort, museum, the grand mosque, the old tree, and the beaches. Other than that, I have no clue. And, I must say that I haven’t visited most of the things I mentioned either.

Last Friday, 01st April 2016, we decided to go to the beach to have fun and de-stress. Originally, we planned to go to the newly opened beach (Al Marassi beach) which was temporarily opened to the public for free. And, since it’s almost time for them to make it private, we wanted to go and visit. However, due to reasons which I’ll mention later on, we changed locations.

And so, we all decided to go to Malkiya beach.

Thursday night, I was worried. It kept raining during the week and I was thinking that we won’t be able to go the next day. Luckily enough, although the sky was dark and gloomy, it didn’t rain. The wind was chilly but, other than that, it was fine.

It would have been better if the sun was out but, hey, we can always go to this place whenever we want to during summer.

Hehe, tiny feet.

Malkiya beach is located at Al Malikiya village next to Madinat Hamad. If you know where the strawberry farm is, you’ll know that this beach is very near the place.

Our trip started with us meeting up at a supermarket. It’s because of 1) we wanted to buy necessary things for our trip and 2) we decided to have someone convoy us because none (except one) knew the exact place.

There were four cars and I was one of the driving people. And, you know what? I felt awesome. It was a first for me to follow a convoy and seeing that I can keep up made me feel bubbly. We were also laughing during the car ride because, even though we’re all separated by cars, the people riding with us were chatting in our group chat. So, it felt like we’re all together. (Don’t worry, drivers didn’t touch their phones)

Maybe it’s because the group was chatting that’s why our convoy kept taking wrong turns and got confused. No, actually, I found out that he’s bad at directions and we ended up going in circles. It was funny and it’s another fact that we laughed about.

When we reached the place, it was not too crowded. Maybe because the weather was not the perfect condition to go to the beach, but, still, there are plenty of people having their picnics here and there. And, of course, we’re one of them. Unfortunately, all the cottages were occupied.

It was kind of a bummer but it was a good thing that there were benches where we placed our things and food. Obviously, the bench served as our table and the cloth which we spread over the sand is where we sat. By the way, did I mention that the benches were really close to the shore? And, by close, I meant a few steps away from the water. This just made our picnic even cooler. Cooler as in awesome but, yes, we were chilled by the wind too. So, I guess it works both ways.


The sand did not contain too many rocks and the shore wasn’t filled with seaweeds. You don’t have to worry about injuring your foot. You don’t have to worry about icky stuff sticking on your legs because the place is clean. These enabled playing by the shore and walking around the place barefooted enjoyable.

Stores and stalls were there too. So, if you ran out of water to drink or if you want something else to eat, you can hit it up and buy something you fancy. In our case, we bought grilled corn cobs on a stick which they dipped in lemon.

I didn’t like the corn dipped in lemon but I wanted to munch on something. So, why not?


Now, the reason why Malkiya beach weighed greater than Al Marassi beach for us is because of the activities we could do in there.

In Al Marassi beach, there were no cottages and, as far as I heard, you can’t do anything except play in the sand, eat, splash in the water, and chill. However, in Malkiya beach, there were speed boats, jet skis, kayaks, and a horse.

Maybe there will be speed boats and jet skis in Al Marassi later on but it will probably be expensive. Of course, if you want to try those, it will be expensive. But not in Malkiya.

Can you believe that we only paid 0.500 fils/person ($1.33) for a 15 minute speed boat ride? And, you can use the jet ski for 10 minutes costing BD 2/person ($5.30)! Cool, isn’t it? And, we had so much fun there too. Unfortunately, we dropped the idea of riding the jet ski. Why? We felt dizzy during our speed boat ride and we were not wearing the proper outfit for the jet ski. Besides, one of the jet skis was slow and we didn’t want that. We all wanted to ride the jet skis together after all.


During the boat ride, I got scared for the safety of the kid next to me. There were no handles where we sat. And, the man who drove the speed boat made sure to take our souls out of our bodies. Oh, he did enjoy hearing us scream. We were the most energetic group who rode his speed boat so, I guess, he got carried away.

He made the boat turn really fast; thus, making the boat tilt to the side. I had to constantly look after the kid and maintain my balance while taking a video of the whole speed boat experience.

Imagine doing all those without anything to hold on to while sitting in front around the center. I just couldn’t wait to flip over and fall into the water.

After 15 minutes of laughing and screaming, we headed back to the shore to where our things were. By that time, one cottage became free. And, of course, we immediately took it. Although it didn’t make any difference, except we had something over our heads, it felt like the area was exclusive for us unlike when we were sitting next to other people by the shore.


We chitchatted, ate some more, laughed, and watched the sunset while jamming to different songs. We attracted so many people and joked that we should have left a box in front of us to gather money. They took pictures and videos of us. Some requested for songs. Some decided to hangout with us in our cottage.

By the time the sun had set, the place was dark and empty. Too bad the cottage didn’t have any light source and light poles were not present in the area. We did use a kid’s toy as light tho which was actually funny.

We also had some hot tea (bought from the store) to warm our bodies up. And, at around 7PM, we decided to continue our day in our house. Yep, we ended up in my house mainly because they wanted to finish the food we brought to the beach and watch how hilarious we looked at the videos we took.

This trip made our group get closer to each other. By the way, did I mention that these people are my choir mates? No? Okay, now I did.

All in all, it was a fun day to remember. And since it was fun, we decided to do it again from time to time. Maybe not in Malkiya beach but somewhere else.

And, guess what? We decided to record a cover of a song because we had so much fun doing an impromptu by the sea side. I don’t know if we’re going to push through it tho.

Anyway, when summer comes and you want to hit the sea, why don’t you try visiting this place? I’m sure you’ll have some fun too!

It’s more fun in Muharraq choir!



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