100 Facts About Yours Truly (Ugh!)

This one will be a long list; so, please bear with me. I made an effort to rack my brain here. That is why I hope you’ll learn something new about me from this.

Gosh, this post was sitting in the draft section for a week!

  1. White, gray, and pink are my favorite colors.
  2. I like pastels and florals.
  3. My star sign is Sagittarius.
  4. I prefer sleeping rather than eating.
  5. I find comfort in white.
  6. Vegetables > meat
  7. I’m not a vegetarian.
  8. I’m short.
  9. I have a baby face.
  10. Pasta,pizza, and fries are my lovers.
  11. My foot size is 36.
  12. I don’t have a favorite flower but I find shasta daisies cute.
  13. I’m not very fond of sweets.
  14. During my free time, I read.
  15. In love with travel and adventure.
  16. But, I’m lazy.
  17. I suck at cooking.
  18. When I’m bored or emotional, I write and/or sing.
  19. I like being crafty.
  20. I hate noise.
  21. I’m usually indecisive.
  22. When I’m pissed, calming me down will only make me pissed even more.
  23. I’m a crybaby.
  24. Creating and maintaining a good conversation is not my forte.
  25. I’m naturally quiet except when I’m with people I like hanging out and comfortable with.
  26. I’m currently the “Ultimate Star Champion” title holder.
  27. I have a thing for trophies, certificates, and awards.
  28. Although I listed #26 and #27, I usually have a low self esteem and low self confidence.
  29. I play the piano, guitar, and flute.
  30. However, I can’t read notes and chords very well. I only know the basics.
  31. I like reading and listening to horror stories.
  32. I attended 8 schools from nursery up until high school.
  33. Because of #32, I don’t have anyone to call a “childhood friend” because I never really made friends. Kept moving and all.
  34. The first time I slapped someone was during my 2nd Grade in elementary. (there’s a reason for that and it’s a long story) This was when two of my classmates ganged up on me and made the whole class hate me. I turned the tables by doing that tho and everyone was so amazed; they switched sides. lol.
  35. I made a teacher cry.
  36. I like drinking water, tea, and black coffee.
  37. I got thrown out of the car when I was a kid. It was the kind of car with no doors; only curtains. Unfortunately, when the car turned in a curve, I fell. (Reason? I didn’t hold on to the railings because I was holding my crayons and coloring book. Haha art is life.)
  38. Spiders? Ugh. I hate them.
  39. Negativity is a real turn off for me.
  40. I get annoyed by dramatic people.
  41. When I can’t decide between what I want, I ask someone which of those is better and start a debate.
  42. I, along with my siblings, was kidnapped by our nanny and almost got sold off to a syndicate. Thank goodness, the other party didn’t come. God is good! (How we knew? She confessed what she did and resigned afterwards.)
  43. When I fall in love, I fall head over heels. Yes, I become a martyr for love. Heh.
  44. I often cursed a lot when I was a kid.
  45. Being an Interior Designer is my dream job.
  46. To travel the world is my dream.
  47. I don’t really watch TV.
  48. I have bad luck with men.
  49. I get bored easily.
  50. I suck at dancing.
  51. I was once in an 8 year long distance unrequited love. Heh.
  52. I was laughed at by the whole school campus during a solo singing practice.
  53. Due to #52, I acquired a stage fright. That’s why, although I’ve been performing in front of people for quite some time now, you’ll notice my voice shaking. I will never get used to it.
  54. I trust people easily.
  55. Whenever I get sick, I always get dreams about people fighting and two huge balls clashing together. I often hallucinate too.
  56. I like making people laugh but, most of the time, I fail at doing so.
  57. I don’t have any sport but I’m starting to love tennis.
  58. My favorite subjects when I was in school were math, science, world literature, art, and music. (I don’t remember most of them tho)
  59. When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. (still am)
  60. I like it when people are making an effort to win me over.
  61. But, I don’t like it when people are being pushy.
  62. Yogurt > ice cream
  63. I enjoy looking at home furniture and decorations. (The designer in me, maybe? Heh)
  64. My favorite scent is florals.
  65. I like mushrooms.
  66. It’s rare for me to really miss someone.
  67. During my college years, I didn’t study properly. I felt like I was just there to graduate and get a diploma.
  68. I’m an open book. You ask me what you want to know about me, I’ll give you answers.
  69. Not everyone knows this but, most of the time, I act stupid and naive in front of others in order to make them feel good about themselves. (applies to people with low self-esteem and those who rarely share their knowledge and opinion)
  70. No, I’m not nice at all. I’m actually a bully.
  71. But, yeah, I’m stupid and naive too.
  72. I always hurt myself by stalking, observing, and overthinking.
  73. My skin is sensitive.
  74. I had a boring and horrible childhood.
  75. I will only watch a movie if I’m watching it with someone. (I’m trying to change this about myself)
  76. I don’t know how to make new friends without the help of my friends.
  77. I don’t like hotdogs unless it’s toasted and/or burned.
  78. Gore makes my head hurt.
  79. I will not do something unless it’s necessary or interesting or if I’m really bored.
  80. I like ballets, classical music, and stage plays.
  81. I often feel inferior to my cousins and siblings.
  82. My idea of a perfect date isn’t about eating somewhere familiar or watching a movie. I prefer playing games or doing sports and going to places I haven’t been before.
  83. I am very picky.
  84. I get irritated whenever I’m too focused on what I’m doing and I get disturbed.
  85. I’m kind of possessive.
  86. My blood type is B.
  87. I like taking pictures of random, cute, beautiful, and amazing things.
  88. Actually, I’m strict-ish.
  89. I prefer salty and/or bitter food.
  90. Stupidity ticks me off.
  91. I’m usually carefree but, once I start caring, I worry a lot.
  92. Apparently, I sleep talk.
  93. When I was in grade school, I wrote a book during my free time (out of boredom, I even drew to match the story. So, a picture book?). I was able to finish it and all but, when we moved overseas, I forgot to bring it with me. I wonder where it is. Now that I remembered, should I rewrite it? Hmm…on second thought, I think I brought it with me. I should find it! Haha!
  94. When I’m bored, have no one to talk to, and not in the mood to do anything else, I open the voice recorder and record myself talking. It’s a recording of me giving advice to myself. You think it’s weird? I sometimes think so too. It actually started from my curiousity on how I sound like to other people.
  95. I love surprises. Sadly, I don’t get surprised easily. I’m sorry that I usually see things coming! It’s just too easy to read people!
  96. I’m bubbly and optimistic…is what people say about me.
  97. Zipping up the zipper at the back of my dress is a real challenge for me.
  98. I hate the noise people make when they chew with their mouths open. I find it disgusting to be honest.
  99. For some reason, I always come up with punchlines during conversations.
  100. I’m so done thinking of 100 facts about me! I kind of regret doing this!

Finally! How many of these did you know about me?


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