Chamber Orchestra Vienna – Berlin

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If you’re going to ask me what type of music do I usually listen to, you’d get an answer “classical music, instrumentals, and acoustic songs“.

I enjoy the peaceful time I get whenever I listen to these types of music while doing something.

Last Thursday, 26th November 2015 at 8:00 PM, I was able to watch a live orchestra performance at the Bahrain National Theater. It was so beautiful and it felt so different. I felt so happy and relaxed and, well, I can’t really explain.

The sound of the strings – violin, viola, cello – was very refined and every time the notes go up and down or soft and loud, it gave me a bubbly feeling and it left me amazed.

The experience was truly wonderful. I was sitting at the ground floor, closer to the stage. I was so near! I was just a few rows away from it. I could see them play the instruments very well. The emotions in their faces was very clear to me. Their fingers, as they hit the strings, were very visible to me! I was filled with awe and it made me want to play strings too! (*I will edit this as soon as I get the pieces they played)

Everything was so new to me. Actually, ever since the Bahrain National Theater has been built, I never had a chance to enter it. I’ve been wanting to go since it holds ballet and musical performances (and I like them both) but, since I didn’t have anyone to go with, I always drop the idea. That is why that night was my first time to go in there.

I wasn’t alone at the orchestra performance. Actually, Blue was with me (yes, yes, you’d probably think that it was a date but it wasn’t). Since he knew that I like listening to classical music, he asked me if I wanted to watch. And, of course, it’s a definite yes! Although at first I wasn’t really considering watching the orchestra because Giselle (a ballet performance) is happening in a week after that (and obviously, I chose ballet over orchestra days before the orchestra night), I still went.

Remembrance of last night's orchestra.❤️

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Okay, don’t get me wrong. If I could watch both orchestra and ballet, I would. However, since I am travelling in a week, I only had to choose one. I originally chose Giselle but since I doubt that I’ll have anyone to go with, I changed my mind and went to watch the orchestra.

And, in all honesty, I didn’t regret it.

It all started with Blue picking me up from home. At first, we were discussing about the dress code. I actually knew that we have to at least wear formal clothes since it was an orchestra and it’s classical but we both dropped the idea. I still wore a blazer to play it safe.

We went straight to the theater at around 7:30 PM to take pictures and look around. We laughed when we saw everyone wearing gowns and formal clothes and joked that we were unique. It then proceeded with us looking for people wearing casual clothes to make ourselves feel better (not really). And then, we headed to the gate and showed our tickets.

Once we entered, we were greeted by the sound of violin being played by a violinist. We took pictures and went to look for our seats.

We were then greeted by ushers and a beautiful white staircase!

*gasp*! "It's white!"😆

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He laughed when I immediately gasped and said “It’s white!” because he knows my undying love for white. And of course, I took a picture of it. I didn’t get to go upstairs tho. Our seats were at the ground floor and I was shy to go upstairs to check.

Everything was so wonderful and I’d love to do all these things again.

I had fun and it was indeed a night that I won’t ever forget. It was something I always wanted — something different. And, it became a lot better when the person you like enjoys the same thing you do. (Taking pictures, that is. Haha! I kid.)

Here’s to more experiences, adventures and crossing off things from the bucket list!

Hopefully, we’ll go again next year.



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