Question Series: ABCs of Boredom

I found a set of questions on Facebook which started of as “I will confess my ABC”.

My friends, who are most likely bored like me, and other people on my Facebook answered these and posted it as their statuses. So, my news feed has these questions all over it. And since I’m bored again today, I’ll answer them too!

A – Age?
As of today, I am at the age of 23.

B – Biggest Fear?
Loss of a loved one.

C – Current Time?
9:58 AM.

D – Drink you last had?
Hot Chocolate.

E – Easiest Person To Talk to?
I have a lot of people in my list. :3

F – Favorite Song?
I have a lot! But since I’m currently listening to Ron Pope, let’s go with his song “A Drop in the Ocean”.

G – Grossest Memory?

H – Hometown?

I – In love with?
White dresses!♥

J – Jealous Of?
People who travels here and there; as if they don’t have any issues with money. ; u ;

K – Killed Someone?
Ooooooh. In my head, yes.

L – Longest Relationship?
Uh…was it 2 or 3 years? I can’t remember. Hahaha

M – Middle Name?

N – Number of Siblings?

O – One Wish?
To be pretty and skinny! This isn’t my ultimate wish tho. It’s just one of my wishes. La la la~

P – Person who you last called?
On the phone? My dad.

Q – Question you’re always asked?
Why are you getting fat? D:

R – Reason to smile?
Because I’m happy because of the things I’m doing, because of Blue, and because I have no worries~♥ I am truly happy!

S – Song you last sang?
Maya Dela Cruz – Tanging Hiling (Only Wish) – This isn’t uploaded anywhere since this is an original song which we made for a short film. Yup, it’s my own rendition and I sung it. I’m actually proud of it. Haha!♥

T – Time you woke up?
5:30 AM D:

U – Underwear Color?

V – Vacation Destination?

W – Worst Habit?
Huh….what is my worst habit? D:

X – X-rays you’ve had?
The usual xrays? Last I remember was the lung area.

Y – Your favorite food?
I have a lot! Hahaha

Z – Zodiac Sign?


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