Crossing Things from That Blasted Bucket

Hello, hello! It’s March! (Already?!) Two months down, ten more months ’til new year!

Oh gosh, I’m not ready for this yet!

Anyway, hi! I figured that it has been a month (?) I don’t know. I haven’t checked. since my last entry. The reason why I’m blogging today is because….BECAUSE I WANT TO! You didn’t miss me? No? Oh.

Yesterday, I was able to cross some things off from my bucket list. And I’m glad I did! It was in that list for so long, I thought it’s hopeless to try and do it. You see, I was able to cross two things.

One was to “Try the tea from Teavanna“. To be honest, the reason why I never tried Teavanna before was because I felt shy and awkward to enter their shop. It doesn’t look like a cafe or something similar. It doesn’t give the aura that you can buy a drink from there. It looks like a store where you buy ceramics and that intimidated me. But despite that, I finally gathered up my courage and went in. It was worth it! Did I ever mention that I love tea?

The place smelled amazing and I felt so excited being surrounded by things related to tea. I immediately headed to the counter and asked them to give me one. I almost bought a can of tea for myself but, as I was saving for something else, I passed on the idea. I guess, adding “Buy a can of tea from Teavanna” is now on my bucket list.

Next was to “Learn how to play bowling“. I’m pretty good at bowling! That is if we hit the gutters, I’d probably come first place. Heh. Yesterday, someone took the time to actually teach me how to play. I tried before but it was the first time that someone told me what to do. At first, I thought it was annoying. I didn’t ask him to teach me. I just wanted to throw the ball. But, as time passed by, I actually found it nice and I slowly improved. He told me that if I learned how to play and if I mastered it, I’ll be good at bowling. I dunno. He told me that I unknowingly kept doing a trick in bowling. I had no idea. I was just throwing the ball because it was too heavy. My arm is actually paining as I’m typing this.

The things I crossed wasn’t much but I was really happy and I’m looking forward to cross some more.

Speaking of him, he wasn’t so bad. I didn’t feel awkward with him. He’s friendly and easy to talk to. I can actually see us as friends.

So, yeah! Hopefully, I’ll be able to cross a lot from my bucket list this year.

What about you? Were you able to manage to cross some from your list? I hope you did! Let’s own this year!♥


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