I Have a Cupid Friend.

“I thought there was something going on between you two.”

What do you mean? What made you say that?

“Well, there’s chemistry. Besides, the way people acted around you guys during that night was strange. I thought for sure there’s something.”

Chemistry? What now? We’re scientists? Haha. Kidding aside, there’s nothing going on.

“Hehe. Are you sure? You do look good together.”

I see. But, I’m not really interested in him.

Even a tiny little bit?

Yep, nothing.

“He has a car.”


“A Mercedes.”

I see.

“…..a Mercedes! At age 24!”

I get it! Haha. But, I’m not impressed. Not at all.



“Unbelievable. You’re still stuck in the past, aren’t you?”

Not really.




Stop it.

“Heh. Pit.”

ehhh. Enough.


Gosh. If you keep this up, what will you do if I fall for him?

“Then, I’ll be happy. I want you to move on.”

Oh. Thanks but I’ll pass for now. If, by any chance, I fall for this guy, you better support me. Or else, I’ll cry and blame you.

“That’s it? Easy. Leave it to me.”


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