Rice Crispies

Hello! Isn’t it hot today? …in my place, at least.

Hah. You might say, “Don’t you have the AC on?” bla bla. But, hey, I’m drinking hot tea right now. Outside this cute café, under the sun, just because I felt like doing it. Yup! Curiosity. And, yes, I’m melting. Haha. I’ll be writing about this café next time but, for today, let me talk about something cold and cool.

I went on a food trip last Thursday (yes, i know. It’s overdue. I’m sorry.) and I decided to try this yoghurt/gelato shop which recently opened. Well, at least, I think it opened recently.

The tables and chairs are outside so, during summer, it sucks. But hey! The yoghurt/gelato is cold so I guess it’s fine. But it will melt faster! *cries*

The café’s name is “Frutto Gelato” and it’s located in Tala Plaza, Sugaiya (I heard they have branches in other countries too). It’s a small shop in a corner but you can easily spot it because of its colorful sign.


See what I mean?

At first, I thought that they’re just selling ice creams/gelatos and cakes but I thought wrong. I’m not a fan of ice cream/gelatos that’s why I was so happy to find out that there’s yoghurt.

*mumbles* I know, i know. They usually sell yoghurts too. I don’t know, okaaay? *mumbles*

There were four flavors to choose from — classic, wild berries, pomegranate, and honey dew. As far as I learned, they change the flavors from time to time too (which is great because you’ll have a chance to try a different one each time you visit) and, I think, it’s very interesting.

I was torn between four flavors and decided to get them all. Yes, I mixed them because why not? Pfft. I personally like the wild berry and honey dew flavor and I’m definitely recommending it. Anyway, I topped it with fruits like mango, raspberry, and blue berry. I was actually planning to eat the yoghurt with fruits to make me feel “healthy” and like “a girl on diet” but that chocolate rice crispies called out to me. Aaaaaand, you guessed right! I gave in. *bangs head on the wall*

I have no regrets! I HAVE NO REGRETS!

It’s actually not bad! You can fill it up with toppings as many as you want! Just make sure that you’ll have enough money because there’s no fixed price for it. The amount you’re going to pay for your yoghurt will be based on its weight. Maybe it’s the same for the gelato too? Hmmm. Dunno.

But, as far as I know, I’m definitely going to visit once again. i’m giving it a thumbs up! Yea, yea! Why don’t you try and give it a visit too?


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