True Confessions

Alright! I’m getting so many questions lately and I’m really tired of answering them over and over again. You see, one person asks and then another — same questions. Why?

To save my self from answering them (which I don’t really answer in real life because I can’t and I’m usually going in circles), I’ll let you refer to this blog. Easy, yeah?

Here goes!

How are you coping? Are you still thinking about it?

Okay. You see, I don’t really think about it. No big deal. He’s happy and I’m okay. I don’t really mind anymore. Although I’m still holding a grudge (ok, grudge is a bit…err..and since I usually hold on to my feelings…uh..), I don’t think that making my self dwell in that memory helps me or anything in any way. As to how I’m coping? Easy. My mind is occupied by so many things. I get my self busy with work and at home, I try to enhance and find my talents/skills (lol. skills). I do try to have an extra activity though. But, alas, laziness wins.

In the love department, well, let’s skip that for now. *hops around like a retarded bunny*

Did I make sense? No? Deal with it. 😀

Do you see them together? Are you okay?

Lol, no. I don’t see them together. How will I see them together? And why should I? There are some people who reports to me about things tho (I don’t even know why. Didn’t even ask). But, hey! A good laugh is always good and welcomed. I appreciate that you guys remember me. *grins*

As I said previously, yes, I’m okay. I’m great, even!

On a side note, ACK! I’ve been kissed on the lips! no no no no. I was just blogging. Why? OTL

Have you seen the….?

Hahaha! Yes. Why are you guys doing this?

Do you still have feelings for him? If yes, in a scale of 1 – 10, where are you right now?


What? I’d be lying if I said no (which, by the way, is the answer I always say). If I’m going to scale it, I’m most probably at 5.

5 points for hatred and 5 points for wanting to murder. Total of 10. *thumbs up*

Lololol. I kid. I’m currently at 3.

On another side note, Mr. Bacon replied!<3 

Haaaah. After so many weeks of not going online and chatting. I’m satisfied. *daydreams*

Okay, my day is complete despite being kissed. Good!

Why are you getting fatter?


How are you?

I’m great! I enjoy what I’m doing and I have time for everything I want to do! Ahhh, bliss.

Alright! I answered the frequently asked questions! Haha.

I’ll let you know this though, I lied. *winks*

Later! xx


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