Fly to the Stars

Hey. That sounded like a good title for a book.

*scribbles on pad for ideas*

Good day! Long time, no blog, I suppose. But, I’m back!

Today, I’m going to talk about my self flying to the stars. I’m not talking about literally flying to the stars, dumdum! I have meanings for it as I usually do with my other…things. By flying to the stars, I meant flying to my dreams. And yes, that includes him — the guy I’m entrusting my heart to.

It makes more sense now, isn’t it? *grins*

Yea, I know you got it. You’re smart after all. *winks*

Anyway, as I was saying, I planned to fly to my stars and I started……nothing. Nothing at all. I’m stuck at ground 0.


It’s because I’m feeling lazy and uninspired. There’s nothing to motivate me. Where are you, my loving muse?! *weeps*

However, there are dreams which became fulfilled without me doing much about it. It’s something like fate or destiny or whatever just came and gave me a wonderful gift. As if it’s telling me, “Here! I’ve given you the first step! Do the rest! Stand up! Make me proud, baby girl!”


Okay, I haven’t done much but I already laid my plans in front of me. All I have to do now is to follow it WITHOUT SLACKING OFF! Goodness! I should receive a Guinness award for being the laziest person ever.

Although I’m not making any progress at the moment, I can feel myself standing in front of its door, ready to open it at any moment. YES! I feel that I will succeed! I just need a little push!

On a side note, my food trip is going very well!

*mumbles* No wonder I’m getting fatter. *mumbles*

If it was Ihop last month, this month, it’s Lava Burger!

It’s nice. The feeling of the food in my mouth is great! It’s soft and light. It’s just perfect. But to be honest, I don’t think it’s worth the money I paid for. Don’t get me wrong! It is indeed delicious! It’s just that, I’ve been to other places where they charge the same amount of money yet serve food worthy of whatever amount I paid for. Am I saying things in a roundabout way again? Haha…*sweatdrop*

But if you want to try something new or some place different, then I guess it’s fine to try it out! It’s a once in a while thing anyway.

OOH. I wrote a pretty long one. Did I even make sense? Ahah. And you’re probably thinking, “She didn’t even say anything about that special guy!”

Well, in that case, I’m sorry. I’ll postpone that for now. In the mean time, he’s just a star for me and let him be a star for you too for a little while longer. 😉


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