CJD c:


In English, it’s translated as flirty, bitchy, and/or slutty. In Tagalog, Filipinos sometimes use this word lightly (which is closer to flirty than the others) when they tease a friend who gets overly happy by seeing his/her crush or special someone.

Why am I saying this? Well, you see, I have been calling my self malandi for a little while now. I don’t mean it as being bitchy or slutty. I’m trying to say it in a very veeeeeeeeery mild flirty way. Yep yep. Now, you get it.

You see, I have this thing with blue/green eyes and a sexy accent. I swear. If I hear a sexy accent nearby, I go fangirl mode. And, if i see a pair of blue/green eyes (looking at me) I won’t be able to stop smiling and I get overly happy. WHOO! You can totally conclude that these are my preferences in a guy (originally). *mumble* But I don’t really mind if my special someone doesn’t have these stuff. *mumble mumble*

Ok. I told you about my type and it might seem like I’m starting to drift away from what I’m trying to say, but no!

You see, recently, I got the chance to talk to this guy (You guessed right! I think. He has green eyes and a sexy accent.) who I “met” online. As a bonus, he’s not just green eyes and sexy accent but he is hot! Like, hot hot. So hot that it makes me cry.

“Why the heck is he talking to me?!” <———- First thing I said out loud when I got his message.

To be honest, he makes me speechless and awkward and shy and all but we continue talking everyday. Talking about random stuff. Laughing about something we’re both confused about (That’s me confusing him though). Sharing whatever story there is to share. Lots and hopefully more.

I’m getting overly happy over someone I don’t personally know. I keep jumping out of joy as if someone’s tickling me. I get butterflies when I hear the “ping” sound from my phone. I squeal like a little girl when I read his messages.


I’m happy.

I think I’m being malandi. Haha

He said he’ll visit Bahrain after Ramadan. Kyaaaa~! Time to be an awkward penguin then. Haha


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